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Embrace the vibrant and diverse world of Julia Mancuso, a trailblazing skier, fitness guru, role model, philanthropist, and unstoppable free spirit who defies expectations and follows her heart. Julia's unconventional journey, from donning a tiara on the 2006 Olympic podium to surfing Hawaii's waves and becoming the most decorated Olympic female American alpine skier, is fueled by her unwavering passion for the outdoors and relentless determination.

Now a retired athlete and devoted mother of two young boys, Julia's love for the outdoors has led her to join Akova, a direct-to-consumer outdoor brand, inspiring others to explore nature's beauty at the best price as well as running their team uniforms program for ski clubs around the world.

Balancing life between Tavarua's surf and the majestic mountains, Julia continues to make her mark as a motivational speaker, ski guide, and ambassador - from launching a women's underwear line to opening a fitness center, supporting charitable causes, and hosting her podcast "Just Be Yourself" - Julia remains a beacon of inspiration, demonstrating the power of living life to the fullest, pursuing joy, and never placing limits on one's potential. Discover the many shades of Julia Mancuso and be inspired by her boundless enthusiasm and spirited approach to life.

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