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Support me as I push through my hip injury to stand on the top step of the Olympic Podium at the 2018 Olympics.  

Its hard to imagine that even as an elite athlete and Olympic Gold medalist, I reach the roadblock of funds.  I would like to bring the attention to the lack of support that we get as athletes when we are injured.  I have not recieved a single fund from the US Ski team, most of my sponsors will pay a fraction of a normal competitive year, and my expenses from seeking out the best proffessional care during this time, will increase exponentially. I have been extremely lucky to have the support of the US Olympic comittee and their partner The Steadman clinic through surgery, as well as Howard Head for my first month of rehab, but now I am at a point where I need to pay my insurance deductables and continue rehab at home with my trusted team that has kept me out of the OR for all this time!!  Im asking all of you! my fans to join my team on this road to recovery, if you can help in anyway, I look forward to sharing my journey with you!  For every 25$ donation, you will recieve a signed photo, and personal message from me!  so please help, and know that you are right there with me in every rehab session and every step of the way!  


*WOW! in one day I reached my goal of 10k.  Amazing and many thanks.  I opened up the giving goal because I know there are more athletes out there in need and I will continue to sell my photo in exchange for 25$ and give my support to other athlete's in my same situation.  Thanks everyone!  

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