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It's flu season... and i caught it:(

It really hit me out of nowhere. I rarely get sick, and the flu caught me by surprise this winter. Achy joints and stuffiness = no fun at all!! I have been trying to kick it and I figured I would share a few remedies that you might have around the house.

1. Apple cider vinegar. This yummy stuff can help boost your immune system and fight any bacteria lingering around.

2. Lemon. Contains vitamin c and helps balance ph. extra immune boosting

3. Honey. Excellent antibacterial, and antioxidant properties, great throat coat.

4. Oregano Oil. The beast of oils. I drink this separately, 4 drops with a tiny bit of water. It can kill anything in your body that you don’t want lingering around. Excellent microbial properties and antibacterial.

Enjoy a hot cup of lemon water with honey and apple cider vinegar, and rest! I like to sweat it out, so make sure when you are sleeping to just embrace that warm room temperature, and hopefully you will feel a little bit better in the morning


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