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I started a Health and Wellness company!

Wow! Its been crazy forever... I guess the whirlwind of life caught me by surprise again. There are so many things going on for me right now!!! I am a couple of months into my newest challenge of becoming a certified health and wellness coach! Its something I truly love and believe in, so I am happy I can learn how to teach and help make peoples lives better.

I also became an independent consultant for an incredible company with health and wellness products! Its so fun, because I get to be in business with my sisters and friends and help others become aware of all the toxic stuff we put in and on our bodies everyday. Its so important to pay attention to labels!!!

Lets see what else. oh yeah:) I'm engaged!!! I went skiing for the first time after surgery and things here are great!!

I would love to hear whats going on with everyone and if you want to talk about health, wellness fitness or anything!! shoot me an email:)

Much Love!!

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