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Five TRX exercises to keep your low back happy

1. Activate your core by kneeling with your arms at a 90-degree angle.

Lean forward leading with your hips and use your core to pull yourself back to starting position. Keep your body position aligned and make sure you don't bend at the waist.

2. Activate your back line by hooking your heels in the straps. Bend your knees at at a 90-degree angle.

Use your hamstrings and glutes to lift your butt off of the ground.

Keep your core strong and straighten your legs, then bring them back to 90 degrees lower down and repeat.

3. Stand up and move away from the straps into a comfortable squatting position with your arms long and your lats engaged.

Use your glutes and arms to push your hips up and forward feeling a good stretch through the front line of your body keeping your core engaged. As you lower back into your squat, make sure you lead with your booty and keep the natural curve in your low back.

4. Stretch your QL with this supported warrior pose. Make sure the straps are at a comfortable angle so you can really feel your core supported by arm pressure while you are in your lunge.

Reach your opposite arm towards the sky while keeping even pressure in the straps and feel your side body lengthen from your heel to the sky. If your neck is sore, make sure you modify by keeping your gaze towards the ground.

5. Strengthen all of the elements together by doing a set of supported lunges.

Use your lats to connect the straps with your arms as you push your hips through and lift your back leg forward.

Enjoy! Remember always be aware of your body and never push through pain that doesn't feel right.



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