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Indy 500!

Wow! Those guys are fast! I had a such a good time experiencing the Indy 500. An iconic sporting event in the USA!

Spyder just starting getting into the car racing scene, because there are so many similarities between our sports. But the one thing that rules over everything for us is SPEED!!! Tag along in my video:)

Its really cool to find out the history of my family! My great grandfather owned a car that he raced at this same track over 50 years ago!

How cool is that! The classic old cars are so fun! I loved the style. Its amazing to think how far we have come with technology!

The other amazing thing was to hang out and talk about the risks of racing with Spyder athlete James Hinchcliffe. He almost died last year racing on this same track. The risks of a high speed and high adrenaline athlete are something that just don't compare. I am so impressed of his cool nature, and how he came back to start pole position in the actual race! Unfortunately it didn't last for the final, but he finished 7th which was an amazing effort!

So Fun! Thanks for the experience Spyder!


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