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Holiday season! time for an experiment:)

Being injured has given me lots of time. I look at every road block as an opportunity to learn and grow as a person. In between the hours and hours of hip circles, and glute excersizes, I have also been spending lots of time on the computer. I guess since I've been feeling a little bit down, it gives me motivation to improve things in my life. Recently I have been hearing a lot about this ketogenic diet. I have always been a fan of Bulletproof coffee since i first tried it, but never really paid much attention to the science. I am not sure exactly what my diet will be day to day, but this roadmap is pretty neat and a great place to start. I was really intrigued by this podcast so you can give this a listen as well.

What do you think? leave me some comments and tips on what to try? how to stik to the diet, etc. I will be updating as much as I can! and hopefully have some results and tips to share:)

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