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Christmas eve in Fiji!

It's a beautiful, sunny day here in Fiji and It feels great to be in the sun. I have to admit, that my plan was always to be in Fiji for Christmas, even before I had to get surgery.

Its a crazy contrast to being in the snow, and I do miss it, but i am so happy to be in the most amazing place with such amazing people!

Thanks so much to everyone who tuned in to my blog so far, and I really appreciate the feedback!! I know I am infamous for typo's, so I am really trying to slow things down and work on that!! Thank you to all of my english teachers out there!

This Christmas I didn't ask for much! I am so grateful for my family and my love Dylan, there isn't much more that this girl needs! I am also so grateful for my few fans that have already contributed to my rehab. My fans have already given me a day of rehab!!! That's so meaningful to me in this tough time where all I want to be is out there on the slopes!

I wish everyone a very merry Christmas, and I hope Santa brings you everything you want!! If you haven't gotten your presents yet, dont forget my favorite shops!!

Use coupon Juleslove at for 15% off my favortie jewels:) The shop is closed til after christmas, but hey! order up and get bling for the new year!

Be super duper rad in your hat! Free shipping unitl december 31st in the US!

My favorite bikini store just sent me a 20% off code! JINGLE20 at

Merry Merry Christmas!

All my love and aloha,


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