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Ski racing can be a tough sport. We endure some crazy forces and of course all of our bodies take a beating in the meantime. I have been competing on the world tour since I was 15 years old, and that might be why I am about to reach the record of starts on the world cup! I have always searched for the very best professionals in re-hab and physical training, and I have always funded it myself. This is the first year I will miss a season, and quite surprisingly the support of the US Ski team. I know I am not alone in this because a number of my teammates have been injured before, but now I see the reality up close and personal and its crazy how expensive surgery and getting back to sport can be. Even with insurance and the help of the USOC there are so many little expenses and necessary purchases to get back to sport. Medical expenses after surgery, insurance co-pay’s and rehab can cost as much as 5k a month… it just keeps adding up! The expenses are never ending when you are searching out the very best, and the other crazy part of it as a professinal athlete, most sponsors cut back their contracts.

I wanted to reach out to my fans for help and in exchange I want you to all really feel like you are part of my journey, my team!!!

I will be adding more items to my store, and adding more fun stuff in exchange for support! And btw, if your asking why I chose to do it here on my own page instead of using or another site, its simple, there are no extra fee's and you can be assured that 100% goes to my rehab. Thanks so much!! I am already so grateful for those fans that have shown their support, and I look forward to sharing this comeback with you!!!

Much Love and Aloha!!! Jules

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